Note: This post is very old, and almost nothing in it is still true.

This is a rough draft.

This is my third rough draft, specifically. The others I threw away because they didn’t work. They tried for too little, or too much. After finishing the design for this one, I fought off the urge to throw it out as well and decided that the best course of action was to publish my rough draft, and go from there.

The web is a fantastic medium because it gives us these sorts of opportunities. This will remain a draft for quite some time, but it will be updated often, subject to tweaks and changes on every front. I’m lucky to have realized along the way that this can never be perfect, but it can be good, and even great. It can also be a place of experimentation and missteps, and you can expect plenty of both.

Along those lines, I plan to publish an article every month or two. They’ll vary in length and subject, but most will relate to design and the web in some way. A few may even be more technical: discussions of process or tricks. Either way, each will have a unique and fitting art direction, in the tradition of many talented folk. I’m doing so for two reasons: first, because I think that it would be interesting, and second, because I am selfish. A unique design for every article is a great venue for attempting new things. It also gives me a good excuse for only publishing every once in a while, instead of being embarrassed by it.

If you’re interested in technical mumbo-jumbo, the inner machinations of this site are all stored in a repository on GitHub. It’s powered by Jekyll, with fonts served by Typekit, and is built on Andy Clarke’s 320 and Up boilerplate.

Thank you so much for visiting. More soon.