2015 in Review

I’m not big on year in review posts, but some good things happened this year that are worth writing down, lest I forget them.

What kinds of things? In 2015, I:

  • Open sourced Radium, a toolset for managing inline styles in React.
  • Curated CascadiaCSS. This was the first year for CascadiaCSS, and my second time helping out with CascadiaJS (I did web stuff for the first year of the conference).
  • Spoke at CSS Dev Conf 2015 about inline styles and scalable CSS. My slides are available on Speaker Deck, and I wrote a blog post about the experience. I’m planning to record a screencast version of this talk soon as well!
  • Redesigned this blog (as one does).
  • Published 10 blog posts (if you count this one, anyway).
  • Started working reading and writing back into my routine.

Not bad. My goal for 2016 is to write a similar list that is twice as long. We’ll see!